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Car Accident Help

Insurance Companies Aren’t For Car Accident Victims

Due to the devious nature of insurance companies when it comes to meeting their legal obligations, it is very important to enlist the services of car accident attorneys whenever you’re involved in an auto accident. This will ensure that you can get the right compensation that takes into account all the hardship you have experienced.

Insurance firms always try to optimize their profits, which makes them pay as little money as possible and trick you to sign a liability release form that restricts you from getting further compensation. In most scenarios the cash these firms mete out is usually not sufficient to cover your medical expenses. Let alone other financial damages you may have incurred like lost wages or even the trauma you have been subjected to. Hence, opting for the assistance of a skilled car accident attorney that deals with such issues is key in getting the compensation you deserve.

Get The Help You Need

Nantha & Associates has handled plenty of traffic accident lawsuits from car, truck to motorcycle accidents. As by the law these cases greatly differ from one another. For instance, motorcycles accidents are noted for their resulting in much more serious injuries and carnage when compared to other forms of motor vehicle collisions. Just like automobiles, victims of motorcycle accidents are legally entitled to adequate compensation for their losses. That should include healthcare bills, emotional trauma and even lost wages. Our law firm retains a team of devoted attorneys who can effortlessly offer guidance on the right actions to take for injuries sustained by auto accidents.

Auto accidents on their part have much clear-cut liabilities as most of them arise from the negligence of drivers. Each year at least 75,000 people sustain debilitating injuries as a direct result of auto accidents. These vehicles do pose great peril for all motorists on the road. Motor vehicle accident attorneys specialize in enabling individuals who have received injuries from auto accidents to get the right compensation they deserve.

Why Choose Nantha & Associates?

This law firm has a “no win, no fees” policy as we fully comprehend all the challenges car accident victims face. You will get a no-obligations consultation and once your options have been weighed, our attorneys will take up the case. This usually means that you have a strong case. Other than that you will not be obligated to foot any expenses if you lose the case.

  • Our no recovery no fee promise – You won’t have to pay a dime until there is a successful resolution to your case.
  • We will fight for your right to compensation against insurance companies and defendants for all your damages including:
    • Medical bills – Hospitalization costs
    • Future medical care
    • Loss of earnings
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress

When you are involved in a car accident and sustain damages, you have the legal right to receive compensation from the guilty party or their insurance carrier. However, most insurance firms don’t pay heed to this. And they retain adjusters that are specifically trained to trick you in the hope of squashing your claim or reducing the cash you ought to receive. The most crucial advice we can give is never attempt to converse with the other party or their representatives. We will handle that process, and stick with you until you get the best compensation possible. Above all we do care for the welfare of our esteemed clients.

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