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Orange County Location for Nantha and Associates Personal Injury and Car Accident Law

Orange County Personal Injury Law Firm

Welcome to the Orange County location of our Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp Law firm.

We help clients in the entire Orange County area in the fields of Personal Injury Law, Car Accident and Truck Accident Law, and Workers’ Compensation. If you have any need in any of these areas, contact Orange County office using the information below.

Once you have contacted one of our friendly Orange County attorneys and they have reviewed your case, you can visit our office on La Palma Ave.

We’re proud to represent the residents of Orange County in their fight to get you what you deserve in Personal Injury, Workers’ Comp and Car Accident cases.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Orange County

Personal injury law is an area of law that provides compensation for Orange County victims of physical injury or emotional distress. In personal injury law, the harm is caused to the Orange County victim by another’s negligence.

In one word, negligence can be described as carelessness. Proving negligence is an important part of tort law. If you are interested in learning more, visit our Orange County personal injury resource on negligence, gross negligence, and tort law.

Auto Accident Attorneys in Orange County

Auto accidents on their part have much clear-cut liabilities as most of them arise from the negligence of drivers. Each year at least 75,000 people sustain debilitating injuries as a direct result of auto accidents. These vehicles do pose great peril for all motorists on the road. Motor vehicle accident attorneys specialize in enabling individuals who have received injuries from auto accidents to get the right compensation they deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Orange County

An “injury” for California workers’ compensation purposes is often not obvious.  In fact, most Orange County workers and employees don’t even know they have a workers’ compensation injury!!!

These are only a few of the many types of injuries which are legally referred to in California as “cumulative trauma” injuries. If due to the repetitive nature of your job duties performed, little by little, overtime—and even though you can still do your job—you develop symptoms, pain, an increase in pre-existing symptoms, an increase in pre-existing pain, or simply become weaker, frustrated or tired—there’s a good chance you have a “cumulative trauma” injury that needs to be addressed.

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